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Set of four, 4" x 6" Neapolitan/Sicilan cards printed on watercolor paper, nestled in black and white matting, under Conservation Clear glass.


Commemorating the national Italian card games of Scopa, Tressette and Briscola. 100% hand crafted in our studio. We love that this piece reminds us of how important it is to keep our cultures and traditions alive. 

Every component used to create this piece of art is locally sourced from the Cleveland, Ohio area and is individually hand crafted in our studio per order. Orders ship within 3 days and are carefully packaged.


Conservation Clear glass effectively blocks up to 99% of UV light rays to protect against fading and help keep framed pieces brighter, longer.

Frame size is 11" x 20" x 1 1/8" with a 3/4" border.

Watercolor Paper Cards in Color